Monday, September 24, 2007


So today the Fatsquad cross country tour began.
Started out in Portland at a kick ass comic show. So kick ass, that very few people showed up,because they couldn't handle how awesome it was! It was a good time, with some good people. The highlight of the show actually took place outside, where dirty Mike, Hilton and Husky Heath set up camp in the parking lot.
After that we hit up a couple of shops , you can now pick up a copy of the FATSQUAD book at Casablanca Comics and Longfellow Books, in Portland. So if you are in the area, go buy one there,even if you already have one. This is the new print run!
Then we hit up Hiltons house and ate food until we were all barely able to move. Of course after that, we watched that Family Guy Star Wars thing while having huge bowls of Moose Tracks, and even though we all said we were going to sleep as soon as possible, due to most of us getting under two hours of sleep the night before, we stayed up well into the night, giggling, and making fun of each other,while Hilton played harmonica.
Day one was a success.
Sold some books, Ate some good food, Heath smoked some cigarettes, Mike had a couple milkshakes, and we had some laughs.
Little did we know, the next day would spell DOOM for one of our merry members...

Sunday, July 15, 2007